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The Audit You Welcome

We harness the limited, singularly focused expertise of your Investment Brokers, Bankers, Trust Companies, Attorneys, CPA’s, Insurance agents and in-house administrative staff to drive a better outcome.

Understand the ‘why’.

The planning process is integral to identifying the issues that need addressing. It’s important that you understand:

1 Why there’s a problem
2 Where it exists
3 How to fix it
4 How much it will cost you
5 How much it will save you
6 What could happen if you don’t address it
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Uncover missed opportunities.

No matter how exceptional your financial, accounting and legal professionals may be, when acting on their own, their efforts are disjointed – frequently putting you at a disadvantage.

Most won't admit they lack the multidisciplinary expertise to identify all the potential holes within the wider framework of your plan. We identify gaps and inefficiencies driven by:
1 A lack of expertise.
2 Unethical compensation methods.
3 A lack of understanding about how each area of your financial life impacts one another.
4 Competing priorities of each professional – everyone wants to control their relationship with you and get paid.
5 Not fully understanding your goals and priorities.
6 A lack of collaboration and communication between the members of your team.
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Capture gains differently.

Through our thorough review process we will help get you and your team more organized, identify and correct missed opportunities and educate all those involved. With three main goals in mind:

Identify areas to save you money on…

  • Income Taxes

  • Estate Taxes

  • Insurance Costs

    • Auto/Marine/Aircraft

    • Business

    • Investment Property

    • Life & Disability

  • Professional Fees

    • Legal & Accounting
Protect your income and assets by…

  • Reviewing all financial products that you have purchased to determine their adequacy

    • Casualty – Auto/Marine/Aircraft Insurance

    • Life Insurance

    • Disability Insurance

    • Loans and Lines of Credit

  • Utilizing little-known strategies to increase the privacy of your public lifestyle and reduce the exposure of your assets to litigation

  • Optimizing the outcome of your wealth transfer plan or charitable planned giving

  • Identifying problems with and improving or correcting all 

    • Trust & Estate Documents

    • Pre-nuptial or Post-nuptial Agreements

    • Corporate Documents and Formalities

    • Employment Contracts

    • Other Legal Documents

  • Providing guidance for optimizing your business value through tax-efficient business succession and exit planning
Improve your lifestyle & grow your assets by…

  • Helping you inventory and organize all of your financial, legal, business, investment and tax documentation and associated affairs

  • Establishing your definable goals, commanding all aspects of your financial, legal and tax operations

  • Review current income, near term cash-flow and long-term retirement plans for sustainability and optimize the use of personal and business leverage

  • Communicating with your existing professional team on your behalf to ensure alignment with your goals and perspectives

  • Educate you and your heirs on the “why”.

  • Reviewing the risk and appropriateness of all public, private and direct investments into businesses you own
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More than just your investments.

Life and Business changes, along with new opportunities occur throughout every year. These events impact your financial well-being and take on a domino effect, impacting investment risk/return considerations, tax, legal, estate, and asset protection requirements and outcomes.

Free yourself from the burden.

For a limited number of individuals and families with inter-generational wealth we act as their Personal CFO. Orchestrating and managing all legal, tax and financial affairs, so the family can focus on further wealth creation. So they can enjoy the lifestyle and not the burden.

Let us handle the complication.

For a single annual fixed-fee, we work on your behalf, as you, with a limited power of attorney. This allows us to handle your affairs from a fiduciary capacity to further drive desired outcomes.

You have an unvarnished real-time view of your financial health, ensuring properly informed decision-making.
You have access to all personal and business financial, legal and tax documentation on-demand.
Your assets are as protected as possible.
Your affairs remain as private as possible.
You pay only those income and capital gains taxes that are absolutely necessary.
Your exposure to estate taxes is as minimal as possible.
Your investments are not undertaking more risk than is reasonably necessary to achieve your objectives and provide appropriate returns.
That you have adequate liquidity to capitalize on new opportunities and maintain your lifestyle.
That leverage is only being utilized when prudent and beneficial.
That debt maturities are being managed and negotiated to pay as little interest as possible.
You have a partner that can independently analyze and review new business opportunities and investments you are presented with and provide objective guidance.
Unnecessary and unwanted bills and expenses are minimized. Only necessary bills are paid - on time, from the right account.
Services are shopped to minimize costs. You are able to benefit from proactive, innovative approaches, ahead of trends.
That you and your heirs are educated on the why.
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Solutions, purpose-suited to you.

For a limited number of individuals and families with inter-generational wealth, we act as their Personal CFO. Orchestrating and managing all legal, tax and financial affairs, so the family can focus on further wealth creation. So they can enjoy the lifestyle and not the burden.


Our Partners

The needs of our clients vary greatly. We specialize in complexity and privacy.
  High Net-Worth Retirees

You’ve worked hard to accumulate wealth and now you are looking for a partner to help you navigate your financial journey throughout the next stage of your life. Partner with someone who can offer objective and unbiased advice that is based on experience and wisdom.

$25M+ Ultra Affluent

You have developed a special area of expertise that, when coupled with hard work and discipline, has resulted in significant wealth creation. Now it is time to run your personal finances in a way that parallels how the most successful businesses on the planet operate. It is time to hire a “Personal CFO” to orchestrate, handle, and manage your affairs.

$100M+ FAMILIES Inter-Generational Family Wealth

Significant family wealth comes with unique issues that should be handled in a delicate fashion. Often our Intergenerational Family Wealth clients look to us for wisdom on how to manage family’s affairs in a tax efficient manner that protects the family’s assets and preserves them for many generations to come. You’ve built your legacy, let us help you and your family protect it.

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You’re in good company. Your Atlantic Wealth Partners team has extensive experience in multigenerational wealth counsel.


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